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Rev Suzanne will lead a class on the person and work of the Holy Spirit
on Thursdays April 29-July 1, from 6 - 7:30pm.

The materials are from the Dunamis project.  The Dunamis Project is the central training of Presbyterian Reformed Ministries International (PRMI) to help you cooperate with the Holy Spirit in whatever ministry you may have, in whatever part of the world you may live.


Thousands of Christians around the world have experienced a dynamic change in their ministry as they have learned how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit. Dunamis is designed for any Christian who wants to deeper his or her understanding and experience of the Holy Spirit’s work.  It will benefit anyone who wants to grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ and is open to the work of the Holy Spirit.


The teaching has been forged from the Scriptures, is applicable in a Presbyterian and Reformed context, has been proven in ministry, and is informed by 200 years of renewal and revival movements.

By the end of this Dunamis class you will have a sound, Biblically-based knowledge of

  • who the Holy Spirit is.

  • what the role of the Holy Spirit is today.

  • what it means to be filled with the Spirit.

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